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Magnet schools bring the world to each student.

Your student can learn how to study the natural world as a scientist, engineer with mathematics, perform as a musician or create as an artist. Magnet schools give every student the opportunity to learn life-long skills within a diverse classroom and through community partnerships. Focused on academic excellence and personal growth, students are empowered to pursue their interests and become successful, knowledgeable global citizens.

What makes a magnet school different?

Pursue Individual Interests

Magnet schools offer the standard FWCS curriculum and also focus on one, or several, specialized academic area(s). By focusing on an area of study, students have the opportunity to explore their interests while completing the FWCS curriculum. Magnet schools engage students by encouraging them to pursue their passions and goals while preparing them for a future of excellence.

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Global Perspective

Preparing students to be global citizens, magnet schools build connections through hands on learning. Prioritizing diversity both in and out of the classroom, students can engage with a variety of perspectives. Magnet schools offer a collaborative classroom that acknowledges and educates the whole student — body, mind and spirit.

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Learning Through Experience

Students focus on learning skill sets that enable problem solving, creativity, research skills, and more through hands on learning in their area of study. Empowered to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, magnet schools offer students the opportunity to become leaders and begin pursuing their dreams today.

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