Fort Wayne Community Schools - Community Programs

The Office of Community Programs is responsible for screening the bulk of volunteers in the District.

A new online volunteer application process has recently been created. FWCS is no longer using a paper application for limited and comprehensive volunteers.

Please contact your school to receive a “Limited” Volunteer Application Link if interested in volunteering.

Examples of Limited Volunteers: Classroom, and basic field trips.

Independent Contractors are screened on a yearly basis through the Human Resources department. Examples such as: Presenters/Consultants/Performers (i.e. employee professional learning presenters, student assembly speakers or performers).

Volunteers that need to be screened as a “Comprehensive” Volunteer, please contact Community Programs at 467-8810 to receive the application link.

Examples of Comprehensive Volunteers: Volunteering to assist with FWCS school sanctioned swim lessons, Overnight trips/camp, Zoo Field Trips, Show Choir, Marching Band, and Study Connection Tutor.

In addition, the office coordinates the Study Connection program. This is the District’s award-winning volunteer tutoring program. Each year more than 500 students receive one hour of one-to-one tutoring services from volunteers at more than 50 local businesses and churches.

Community Programs coordinates a variety of scholarships that are available to FWCS high school seniors. A committee, appointed by the Board of Trustees, reviews applications in March and makes their final recommendations in April. The FWCS Scholarship Application is available on-line.