Franke Park Elementary School - About Us

John B. Franke

Principal’s Message - May 23rd

Franke Park Elementary School is named for John B. Franke and the neighborhood in which the school is located. John Franke (1866-1927) was the founder and president of Perfection Biscuit Company and one of the civic leaders of his time. He donated a large tract of land to the city, which became Franke Park.

The mission of the Franke Park School Community is to challenge all students to achieve personal excellence that will further life-long learning.  This will be achieved through mastery of the core curriculum and enhanced by the new pedagogies for Deep Learning.  As a result, students will respect and take responsibility for our school family, as well as the community in which we live.  We are committed to ensuring the learning environment is safe, rigorous, and teaches life skills, such as empathy, responsibility, respect, and leadership through community service projects. Students, staff, and community will engage in a positive diverse setting wherein students learn self-respect and appreciation for the uniqueness of others.

Franke Park School was built in 1960. In 2005, the school became a NASA Explorer School, forging a partnership with NASA that gave students the opportunity to learn from NASA experts and participate in NASA experiments and videoconferences with astronauts, scientists and students at other NASA Explorer schools.

Franke Park is a Title I school and offers the English Language Learners program. Students attending Franke Park feed into Northwood Middle School and North Side High School. The school is located in the Board of School Trustees District 1.

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