Fort Wayne Community Schools Network Support Services

Fort Wayne Community Schools - Network Support Services

Network Support Services is the group that provides first and second level technical support to all FWCS computer users: students, teachers, administrators, and support staff. This group of specialists is responsible for management of over 12,000 computers.


Senior Network Technicians

Keary Ball
Chad Bodie
Quentin Bowen
Amanda Brostek
R. Michael Brookens
Kurt Conwell
Sam Curry
Alex Groves-Mayo
Mark Herber
Eric Hewes
Gabriel Jennings
Joshua Jones
Matt Jordan
Sherry Jordan
Sean Kelsaw
Nate Ludwig
Kathy McClure
Bryan Moss

Agostino Neto
Adam Scheid
Craig Singleton
Joe Smith
Elliott Thomas
Brandon Turschman
Kent Walker
Joseph Woollacott

Diana Fulton

Network Support Services Coordinator
Fred Hunter

Senior Help Desk Technician
Kimberly Holloway
Aysia Page
Dan Scheeringa
Marsha Southern

First Level support

First Level support is provided on demand by four Help Desk technicians, and a phone-in technology support service, using a variety of sophisticated tools including remote system management services and an extensive collection of network and system maintenance tools. Help Desk technicians are skilled not only in resolving problem issues, but in teaching users how to perform complicated computer procedures. The Help Desk maintains an internal website for users providing a large database of support information, detailed procedures, and configuration information so that users may get help anytime.

The Help Desk is the initial point of contact for all types of computer support requests, from password change requests and instructions on how to use various technology systems, to serious computer or system problems and new equipment installations. In an average month, the Help Desk receives and documents 2,500 calls, resolving 75% of these issues without further escalation. Calls which cannot be resolved over the phone are scheduled for Second Level support.

Second Level support

Second Level support is provided by highly skilled network technicians providing personalized on-site visits, or using efficiency-enhancing remote management functions to maintain computer systems and correct software faults. These technicians also provide system development services along with deployment and installation services for a wide variety of specialized technological equipment.