Nutrition Services - Process Center



In the spring of 1971, Price Elementary School began a pilot program of preparing meals and transporting the food to other schools; 1800 lunches were prepared each day.

In the fall of 1972, the food was produced at Price, packaged at Pleasant Center Elementary School and transported to other schools in refrigerated trucks. During this time, 7000 lunches were packaged in 24 schools.

The Food Service Center (FSC) was completed in December of 1972 and the satellite lunch program officially started from the Catalpa Street building on December 15, 1972. The new Nutrition Process Center (NPC) was completed in December 2006, and the first meal was packed on January 5, 2007.

Meal Preparation

The NPC is a central production facility. All of the breakfasts and lunches for the 32 FWCS elementary schools are prepared, packaged and delivered from this building. In addition, the NPC provides lunches for FWCS Anthis Daycare and other community organizaitons. Approximately 13,000 lunches and 13,000 breakfast are served per day, prepared by 50 employees.

The NPC prepares and packages the meals one day before they are served. With 5 refrigerated trucks, the lunches are delivered to the schools. You might see one of the trucks as they drive around the Fort Wayne area, with the Nutrition Services logo on the side "Eat to Learn, Learn to Eat".

The satellite lunch is packaged in separate packages. A plastic or paper tray is used for the cold items, which may include the fruits, vegetables, and bakery items. A foil or paper tray is used for the items that will be heated in the ovens at the schools. Milk is provided to the students and delivered to each school by the dairy.