Nutrition Services - Catering



Nutrition Services offers catering services for District related functions, such as:

  • Classroom Celebrations
  • Student Committees
  • Faculty Workshops
  • Muffins with Mom & Donuts with Dad
  • Staff or Student Recognition

If parents want to provide food for their student’s classroom, they are encouraged to order food through Nutrition Services for their students’ classroom celebrations. Nutrition Services can provide a variety of foods, including:

  • pizza
  • birthday cake & ice cream
  • decorated cupcakes or cookies
  • brownies or sweet rolls
  • fruit and vegetable trays
  • trail mix
  • punch

The Catering Connection Request Form can be printed out here or can be found with the FWCS templates. Please contact us for any requests that may include foods not listed on the Catering Menu.

Guidelines for Using Cafeterias

Catering for school sponsored functions may be performed whenever it will not interfere with the preparation and serving of food for the school breakfast and lunch programs.

At least one Nutrition Services employee must be present when the kitchen is being used by non-Nutrition Service personnel. The group sponsoring the event will be billed for each worker’s time at a rate determined by the Nutrition Service Office according to the current wage scale. Time for the additional work is recorded on the employee’s work record and paid through regular payroll channels.

The group using the facility must pay for any cafeteria equipment lost or damaged. The cafeteria must be left clean and in good working order.

Events involving food that are not connected with Nutrition Services

Temporary Board of Health Permit Inquiry must be filled out and sent via email to the Director of Nutrition Services, for all events at which food will be served that does not involve Nutrition Services.