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***Menus may change without notice due to changing availability in food items from vendors. We will continue to follow the USDA regulations to ensure that all meals follow the correct menu pattern.

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Special Dietary Needs

Serving Students with Special Needs

Nutrition Services will provide alternate foods for students with a disability, if requested and a completed physician prescription is submitted to the school nurse. Examples of conditions that qualify as a disability include muscular dystrophy, metabolic disorders, and anaphylactic food allergy. A food intolerance or an allergy that does not cause anaphylaxis does not meet the definition of a disability.

If your student has special dietary needs, please review the Guidelines for Accommodating Children with Special Needs. A physician prescription form is required for any menu modifications; please have a doctor complete the Physician Letter for Students with a Disability and return it to your school nurse. If your student has diabetes and needs carbohydrate information, please complete the Carbohydrate Menu Request Form and return it to your school nurse.

School Menu Planning

FWCS menus are planned by registered dietitians to meet the nutrition goals established by USDA's School Meals Initiative for Healthy Children. These nutrition goals are based on:

  • The Recommended Dietary Allowances
  • Children's calorie requirements
  • The recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans

Nutrition Services uses a food-based approach to menu planning. Following USDA guidelines, FWCS meals:

  • Maintain an average daily calorie range established by the USDA
  • Provide meals with less than 10% saturated fat
  • Provide increased vegetable servings daily with a variety of choices from 5 subgroups
  • Eliminate non-naturally occurring trans- fat from all food items
  • Provide only low-fat and skim milk options

In light of growing concerns about childhood overweight and obesity, Nutrition Services has improved the content of school meals and a la carte items, by:

  • Offering many fruit and vegetable choices daily
  • Offering bakery items made with whole white wheat flour, such as cookies and carrot cake
  • Providing whole grain hamburger buns, hot dog buns, English muffins and whole grain pastas
  • Reducing sodium content by offering reduced sodium ingredients when available
  • Reducing sugar content by providing fruits processed in juice rather than syrup
  • Limiting a la carte portion sizes to one serving per package and limiting fat to 8 grams or less per packaged item

FWCS Nutrition Services is supportive of farm to school efforts in our community. Nutrition Services uses local vendors, which source local produce when possible, to provide fresh produce to our schools.

For questions or comments about the menus, please contact us at 260-467-2055.