Fort Wayne Community Schools Special Education

All students, including those with disabilities, are held to high expectations and have equitable access to educational opportunities that enrich their lives and prepare them for future success. FWCS provides special education services to qualifying preschool age children from ages 3 to 5 years old.

Homebound instruction for students with injury or temporary illness is also offered through Special Education.


Call 260-467-1110 for information on all aspects of Special Education including eligibility, placement and early childhood programs.

Special Education Services

Dr. Nikki Sprunger, Assistant Superintendent of Diverse Learners

Child Find/Evaluation Process

Parent Resources

School Psychologists



Dyslexia Assessment

We are committed to your child’s academic success and are glad to have the opportunity to provide your child with the support they need to be successful. As part of new legislation passed in the most recent assembly, SEA 217 provides guidance for testing students in grades K-2 for Dyslexia in an effort to provide earlier support for learners.  We have created an informational page with links to resources to  help with your questions. To learn more about the required assessment and to view resources, please visit Dyslexia
Autism Resources
Support Active Participation and Social Connection

Occupational Therapy/ Physical Therapy Parent Resources
Occupational Therapy Resources
Physical Therapy Resources