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During the 2020-21 school year, elementary students have the opportunity to attend in-person or remotely and secondary students will have a blended learning environment of in-person and remote learning or fully remote. 

This Technology Resource page will be updated frequently to provide information and training to parents.

For secondary students who are participating in learning either via the hybrid approach or the full remote approach, please make sure you as a supporter of their learning understand our Remote Learning Expectations.

Need a place to get started? Here are a few tips for setting your child up for success.


Remote Learning FAQ

The letters included parent access codes to PowerSchool Learning and the new FWCS Gradebook (powered by PowerSchool). Your school can provide these access codes to you.
Some are misunderstanding a "l" as and L or a 1 (same with 0 and O). Please try using both options (a one or lowercase L / or a zero or O lower and upper case).
Unfortunately, this means the computer was not configured correctly. Please go to the nearest FWCS building’s parking lot and log in on the device. You do not have to go into the building, but you may need to be close to the building to pick up the FWCS network signal.
  • Make sure that your computer is connected to the internet. If you need assistance connecting with your FWCS-provided MiFi, please watch the Verizon MiFi Setup video.
  • Once your internet is connected, find the "Clever" icon on your desktop.
    • Clever operates like a folder; inside Clever there are other icons, such as FWCS Gradebook, PowerSchool, Zoom and more.
The Verizon MiFi hotspots issued by FWCS will only connect to FWCS devices. For assistance setting up the device, please watch the Verizon MiFi Setup video
Zoom is a video conferencing tool that allows teachers and students to have live chats one-on-one or in groups. Teachers and students can share their screens with one another for collaborative working and lessons. Students do not need to create a Zoom account. Teachers will share a meeting link that students will click on to connect. Depending on the class, students may or may not use Zoom daily. It is one of many tools teachers will use with remote learners.
If you attend Lakeside, Memorial Park, Portage or Northwood middle school, we are aware of the issues and are working to resolve it.
This is an issue that sometimes happens with Clever. To correct this, in Chrome, go to Settings by clicking on the three vertical dots in the upper right-hand corner. Go to Clear Browsing Data under Privacy and Security and clear your data. This should fix the issue.
  • Please call the FWCS Help Desk 260-467-HELP (4357). The Help Desk is open Monday - Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. Please be patient as we are experiencing a high number of calls. You are able to leave a message, if a technician in unavailable and we will return your call as soon as possible.
  • You may also submit a dialogue through Let’s Talk. We answer questions and concerns as quickly as we can, but, again, we are experiencing a high volume of questions, it may take some time.
  • If you leave a message for a technician or use Let’s Talk, please include:
    • Caller’s Name (if parent)
    • Student First and Last Name (confirm spelling)
    • Phone Number
    • School
    • Grade
    • Device # (located on the bottom of your device)
    • Brief description of the issue you are experiencing