Fort Wayne Community Schools Systems Development

Fort Wayne Community Schools has an extensive list of computerized business systems. These include Student Management, Human Resources, Payroll, Accounting, and Transportation Management - to name just a few.

It is the responsibility of the Systems Development staff to implement, maintain and support these systems, many of which are built in-house by the programmers here at FWCS. Our dedicated professionals help keep the district running!


Steven White - Supervisor

  • Amy Worman - Transportation

  • Katina Ehrman - Human Resources and Payroll

  • Aaron Gernhardt - Student Management & Data Warehouse

  • Steven Squires - Enterprise Reporting & Development

  • Matthew Kithara - Enterprise Reporting & Development

  • Corey Kling - Project Coordinator; Web Development

  • Ryan McAtee - Enterprise Reporting & Development

  • Carolyn Perry - Student Management

  • Jeffrey Phillips - Student Management

  • Gregory Simon - Nutrition Services

  • Jennie Simon - Enterprise Reporting & Development

  • RosaAna Smith - Accounting and Purchasing

  • Shirley Strope - State Reporting & Payroll

  • Abigail Heidenreich - Enterprise Reporting & Development


What We Do

  • Research and analyze a wide range of technology solutions based on district needs.
  • Select, implement and modify packaged software systems to meet those needs.
  • Design and develop custom systems where necessary to meet special requirements.
  • Integrate our various business systems to create a connected, cohesive data environment.
  • Maintain and support all systems to ensure efficient operation.
  • Provide technical support and assistance to personnel concerning the operation of these systems.

Our Strategic Goals

  • Design and implement creative technology solutions that address the District’s educational and business needs.
  • Deliver high quality, easy to use systems that are well accepted, quickly adopted, and significantly improve productivity for their users.
  • Deliver systems in a consistent, timely manner such that technology makes a notable impact on the district each and every year.
  • Increase the productivity of Systems Development by making appropriate use of new tools, technologies, and processes.
  • Reduce risk by adopting consistent, repeatable processes, standard architectures, and well documented system design.
  • Foster personal growth in all department resources.

Action Plan

  • Standardize -> Integrate -> Automate