Fort Wayne Community Schools - Technology Director

Jack R. Byrd, Chief Technology Officer

The Office of the Director provides administrative oversight to the Technology department, from employee management and tracking, to long-range planning and project development.

Office of the Chief of Technology

Technology Department

The Technology Department is divided into five basic areas based on function. The Systems Development area is a full service in-house computer programming department. Some computer systems at FWCS are developed and maintained internally, while many others are sourced from vendors but modified for the particular needs of FWCS by the Systems Development staff.

Networks and Communications keeps us connected together and communicating. This area develops and maintains the network connectivity infrastructure, including wired, wireless, and fiber-optic connections, VoIP (Voice Over IP) telephone communications, and the construction and maintenance of all network servers, routers, switches, etc. Networks and Communications also provides backup and disaster recovery services for FWCS.

Network Support Services is the area that provides first and second level technical support to FWCS computer users. Level 1 support is provided by the Helpdesk, a call-in technology support service, and level 2 is provided by a group of technicians able to perform on-site maintenance and repair, as well as system development and installation.

User Support Services provides support and training for the internal administrative systems at FWCS such as the student management system, payroll-HR functions, and data reporting and printing services.

LTV54 Education Access Channel is our in-house television station. Broadcasting continuously on Comcast Cable channel 54, LTV54 provides a rich variety of programming, both internally produced and selected from outside educational sources.