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Fort Wayne Community Schools - User Support Services

About User Support Services

User Support Services can be divided into two major areas:

On a daily basis, USS insures the data integrity of supported applications by backing-up student information, payroll, and business operations data stored on the District’s IBM AS400 computer. In addition, USS prepares, prints, and distributes reports on-demand from all supported applications, from student report cards to payroll checks and much more. Scanners used in quarterly testing are supported and maintained as are the uninterruptable power supplies used to maintain server operations in the event of power failures.

Mail Room:
User Support Services operates the District’s mail room services. Internal and USPS mail is gathered, sorted, and processed continuously, and services are provided to assist schools with mailings by generating and applying address labels. Over 250,000 pieces of bulk mail are prepared and mailed at the Post Office annually by the Mail Room. The Mail Room also handles all specialty mailings such as registered mail, certified mail, return receipts, as well as express and package delivery services.

User Support Services staff report to the Manager of Technology

  • Mail Room Office Equipment Clerk

    Tempa Fowlkes
  • Computer Operator

    Logan Potts