Young Early Childhood Center - Steam Clubs

A small group of students engage in science investigation about Nature (indoor and outdoors). Students learn about small living things, the cycle of water, composting and recycling, use real-life tools for gardening and plant different sizes of seeds. (August—October and March—May).

Garden Club

Whitney Young Garden
Whitney young Garden Club

Engineering-Technology Club

A small group of students investigate the foundations of the mechanics of a propeller (how to make a fan work with wind, or simple battery, or potato, or so-lar) taking apart/put together a fan; making percussion instruments, simple machines with wheels (November-December).

Fruits and Veggie Club

A small group of students engage in learning how to use the “wedge” tool in the kitchen to cut fruits and vegetables in different sizes and shapes. Students learn about safety and preparation of their own take-home container to share with family. (January-February).