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Youth Life Skills (YLS) was designed to assist in the prevention or discouragement of students leaving high school before they graduate. Youth Life Skills is an alternative to mainstream or traditional classroom structure. Youth Life Skills offers a non-traditional approach to education, focusing on the student as an individual and catching those who have fallen through the cracks. At Youth Life Skills we believe leaving school without a diploma negatively impacts the lives of individuals both their professional and personal. Youth Life Skills primary goal is to prepare students for lifetime achievement by creating an innovative and academically excellent school.

Many students and parents choose Youth Life Skills because of the small class sizes, an individualized learning process that equates to positive productive and an environment conducive to each student’s learning style. Youth Life Skills acknowledges the fact that students who attend Youth Life Skills enjoy an individualized high school experience in an environment that offers:

  • close student-teacher relationship
  • student decision-making
  • diverse curriculum
  • peer guidance & Parental involvement
  • more flexibility in academic scheduling
  • diverse curriculum built around each student’s goals, needs and learning style(s)
  • an environment where students feel engaged, empowered and challenged
  • an environment of mutual respect for every person
  • a certified High School Diploma from their home school
  • Instructional standards designed by the Indiana Department of Education and implemented by certified teachers

COVID-19 and Education

The 2019-2020 academic school year brought about many changes in how teachers taught and how students learned. At Youth Life Skills (YLS) in spite of COVID-19, with resilience, flexibility, adaptability, emotional intelligence, creativity and critical thinking in an ever changing environment 244 students enrolled in Youth Life Skills, 197 students were classified as seniors and 125 of those students graduated.

The Coronavirus disrupted the flow of education which meant that educators needed to move toward facilitating student’s development and education through effective teamwork and technology. The traditional classroom framework no longer fit the needs of the 21st century student thus reshaping the classroom setting as we know it. Here at Youth Life Skills we are redefining the role of the teacher in the classroom to better suit the educational needs of today’s tech-savvy student. Fort Wayne Community School’s Youth Life Skills is unlocking possibilities that will prepare all students to become productive, responsible citizens in future generations. 

Mission Statement

Fort Wayne Community Schools educates students to high standards enabling them to become productive, responsible citizens.


Fort Wayne Community Schools will be the school system of choice and a source of community pride.

Core Values

We value:

  • Student achievement as the heart of our work.
  • Equity in educational opportunities.
  • The diversity and uniqueness of our district and community.
  • The accountability of teaching professionals.
  • Open and honest communication with our community, parents, and students.
  • Our community’s support, sacrifice, and contributions.
  • The ability to change and meet all challenges
  • Physical and emotional safe climates that supports student learning.
  • Relevant and rigorous professional development designed to build high level skills.
  • Technology systems to support instruction.
  • Decrease drop-out rate.
  • Increase in the high school graduation rate.
  • Parent and community engagement.
  • Academic excellence, employment success, and social responsibility.
  • Self-confidence, self-worth, self-discipline and self-acceptance

General Information

  • Founded: 1995
  • Licensure: IDOE – State of Indiana
  • Accreditation: NCA CASI (North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement)
  • Professional Development: District support, conferences, seminars and online opportunities.
  • Located: 1200 South Barr Street (Anthis Career Center Lower Level).
  • Enrollment: Year Round
  • Program Duration: 9 months

Students Admitted:

  • Grades: 9-12
  • School District: FWCS (Fort Wayne Community Schools)


Eligibility Statement

The T.A.B.E. (Test of Adult Basic Education) is required of all students seeking enrollment into Youth Life Skills (YLS). .Students are required to score 7.0 or above on the T.A.B.E. Students scoring 7.0 or higher and has acquired the referral document will be considered a tentative contender for Youth Life Skills (YLS)

Referrals to Youth Life Skills (YLS) are often made through a student’s home school administrator or guidance counselor. Academic assessment and documentation must be completed prior to student (s) enrollment in Youth Life Skills (YLS). Whenever feasible, students accepted into Youth Life Skills (YLS) will be encouraged to pursue his or her high school diploma (C-40, C-40 with Technical or C-40 with honors). The crucial conversations about alternative pathways to obtaining the student’s education rest with the home school and the student’s family. The deciding factor (s) will depend on the student’s age, ECA status, and the number of credits the student has accumulated while enrolled in a comprehensive high school.


For additional information please call our office at (260) 467-6370 / fax (260) 467-6377 or e-mail us at or visit our website: Youth Life Skills.